Keeping Your Wanderlust At Bay Whilst Awaiting Your Next Holiday

Many people enjoy the lifestyle of traveling so much that it leaves them feeling depressed and unsatisfied when they are waiting for their next trip to arrive. Some of us get so stuck in the mundane day-to-day, work-to-survive cycles, that we can’t get out of the negative headspace. Don’t let the time spent in between … More Keeping Your Wanderlust At Bay Whilst Awaiting Your Next Holiday

Happy New Year!

So 2017 has swung into action at full force and I am yet to have done anything super exciting so far (who else is in the same position?). As usual I am behind on my uni coursework, (naughty me) so I have been spending every day of 2017 so far stuck inside, trying to get as many assignments … More Happy New Year!

Costa Rica 2016

Hey guys sorry we haven’t posted in a while, we have both been very busy these last couple of months. As we haven’t blogged in a while we thought we should let you all catch up with the latest news. Later this year we are taking a trip to Guanacaste in Costa Rica! We are both … More Costa Rica 2016

New Hair Colour

So today I decided that I needed to get my roots touched up as being a natural blonde with dyed red hair, when your roots show through it can make you look like you have grey hair haha… I was initially expecting to go the same shade of red as I usually go, but after … More New Hair Colour