I am an Interior Designer with an interest in the latest design trends and colours used throughout the design industry. I am a keen blogger & vlogger and love everything to do with make up, beauty, fashion and photography. I’m 20 and am currently studying a Bachelors degree in Retail Design. I own a small hand made candle business under the same name as this blog which you can check out here on FaceBook: VividDesigns. Follow me on Instagram: @beccajayneporter and Twitter: @myvividdesigns


I am an Artist that goes under the name of Iggy the Illustrator and I carried out the BTEC National diploma in Fine Art, where I learnt to develop my talents of portraiture. I later went on to complete an A level in Graphic Design achieving an A*. I am 28 and my main interests are music, design, fashion, beauty and photography and I am creative blogger & vlogger. Follow me on Instagram: @loopylovelylucy and Twitter: @loopylovelylucy. Please contact me if you are interested in any of my work!

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