Keeping Your Wanderlust At Bay Whilst Awaiting Your Next Holiday

Many people enjoy the lifestyle of traveling so much that it leaves them feeling depressed and unsatisfied when they are waiting for their next trip to arrive. Some of us get so stuck in the mundane day-to-day, work-to-survive cycles, that we can’t get out of the negative headspace. Don’t let the time spent in between your trips abroad dull your sparkle, use it to fuel your desire to travel by exploring places closer to home. Saving money is key to reaching those far away destinations that your mind aches to explore. Without money it can be difficult (if not impossible) to continue your passion for traveling. Patience is a virtue, so take away some inspiration on how to make the most of the weeks or months before your next holiday arrives.

Research future trips

Learning about new countries and cultures is a waste of time, said no-one ever! Why not spend some time reading travel books, or articles and reviews online about destinations that you have been wondering about visiting? There are so many documentaries that inform you about the different lifestyles and cultures of people, and the natural wonders of the world. Use these sources as a tool to discover where you would like to go next, you may find somewhere new, or it may enhance your desire to travel to somewhere that you have always wanted to travel to.

Explore somewhere new

 It is almost guaranteed that you haven’t properly travelled to every corner of your own country, and that there are some beautiful sites that you are yet to stumble across that are right on your doorstep. Why not take the time to explore where you live, even if it means camping away for a few days or staying in a hotel in an area that is a few hours away. There are countless places to visit, and numerous attractions and sites to explore.

Go on a mini adventure

There is nothing that beats the feeling of wanderlust more than going on a hike through some woods or climbing up a mountain, kayaking to hidden caves or having fun doing water sports in the sea, or just generally exploring nature and going on an adventure. Being in the great outdoors and exercising have many mental and physical benefits, it is known to reduce stress and boost feelings of happiness within individuals, reducing depression and negative thoughts. Hiking gives many travelers the kick of exploring new places, and often brings back happy memories of places that they have hiked abroad.

There are so many activities to help your wanderlust while you await your next adventure abroad, try exploring local sites, hiking up a mountain or watching some documentaries on countries you’d like to visit and you’ll feel more content, calm and ready to face the world.

– Becca


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