Happy New Year!

So 2017 has swung into action at full force and I am yet to have done anything super exciting so far (who else is in the same position?). As usual I am behind on my uni coursework, (naughty me) so I have been spending every day of 2017 so far stuck inside, trying to get as many assignments completed as possible before my deadline approaches (one new year resolution of mine is to be more organised with my time and to try not to leave things to the last minute).

I have to say that I for one had a pretty good year overall in 2016. I went on an amazing trip to Costa Rica with Lucy and our partners in November, which turned out to be even more out of this world than we anticipated (vacation/holiday blog to follow!)! I also had some other great experiences such as my 21st cocktail themed party, FarmFest 2016 and a mini-break to Cornwall.

I hope that you all carry the positive times you experienced in 2016 with you, and have a happy, healthy new year for 2017!

– Becca


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