A Weekend In Chester

Over the weekend I drove up to Chester to visit one of my best friends, Franzi, who I have known for a very long time, and who usually lives over a thousand kilometres away from me in Germany. She is currently studying at Chester University so it gave me a chance to meet up with her while she is in the UK.


While I was there we walked the wall around the city, went shopping in the city centre and visited the Cathedral and also Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Village (which was amazing!) and I wish that I had stayed there longer because it would have been nice to visit Liverpool and Manchester, but I’ll get to do that another time.


The architecture in Chester is so beautiful, the buildings have a lot of history and you can see part of the city wall in this photo where the clock is.


We visited Cheshire Oaks on Saturday and then walked into the city from Franzi’s Uni house in the evening before ordering ourselves some amazing pizza from Papa Johns.




During our walk around the wall on Sunday we got to see where she takes her Uni classes, the River Dee, the Chester Race Course, the Castle, the Cathedral and many other sites and architecture that Chester has to offer.


I really enjoyed my time up in Chester and will definitely be heading back sometime soon to explore the city some more!

Becca xxxx


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