January Sales Shopping Haul

Like us, you probably love shopping and love absolutely everything and want to buy it all?  As you well know, that can be expensive and you can hear your bank account screaming at you, whilst you try to ignore it and not feel guilty.

But, here’s a way to feel less guilty. In the comfort of your own home, cosied up on the sofa with a cuppa tea, spend time browsing through the online sales. Often you can find some absolute gems!  You can even find last years summer clothes at a REALLY low price.  Even though you may not be able to wear that beautiful maxi dress for a few months, it certainly gives you something to look forward to.  I also find the compliments roll in, with everyone asking where you brought your dress from!  It doesn’t always matter if something is “so last year”, as more often than not, that pretty floral dress can come out every year!!  Cause hey, I’m pretty sure you can get the same pair of demin shorts every single year?!

Here’s my latest (guilt free – at home keeping warm – shopping sales haul!)

Items all from Vestry online:

Little Mistress Dresses
Lydia Rose Bright Crop Top

Little Mistress Maxi Dress (Was £70, I bought for £35!) Hello summer nights walking along the beach. Team with a cropped denim jacket for a super cute glam chic look!

Little Mistress Lace Top Chiffon Navy Dress (Perfect for looking glam these Winter nights, long sleeves add an extra bit of warmth. Was £55, down to £28!)

Lydia Rose Bright Lace Boxy Crop Top (Was £38, I bought for £19!) I brought this because it looked  a lot like a top beauty blogger “ItTheFrow” modelled. (See image above)

So I hope this inspires you to see what you can find?!  Happy sale shopping!!

Lucy xxxx

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