OSMO Silverising Hair Products Review!!

Recently I decided to try out the OSMO Silverising hair product range to try and make my hair less brassy and more blue-toned. My hairdresser recommended trying a blue or violet based silverising shampoo to achieve this, and I stumbled upon this range when online shopping at feelunique.com.


I’ve only used the products once so far and I have already noticed a difference with the tone of my hair so I am quite impressed with this product when considering noticeable results on first application.


The shampoo is a really deep purple, but contains no dye, and it is actually made for people with blonde hair that want their hair to be more icy and silver than the brassy orange shades of blonde. When I used to have blonde hair I used a similar shampoo by Lush called Daddy-O which had a similar effect.


I purchased a hair conditioning mask for my hair within the range because my hair gets a lot of heat damage and gets dyed once a month so it needs nourishing treatments once or twice a week to keep it healthy and soft.


There are many different ranges within OSMO for various colours and types of hair so it is worth having a look at them and trying some of their products out because they are high quality and not too expensive.

Becca xx

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