Pantone Colour Of The Year 2016!

This year Pantone have released two colours for their colour of the year, Rose Quartz which is a beautiful baby pink and Serenity which is a very pretty pale blue.


The Pantone colour of the year has a huge effect on the design, fashion and beauty industry. An example of how it influences the beauty industry is the make up store Sephora who release products based on the new colour of the year each January.




As for the fashion industry it is already clear to see that celebrities are taking on board the new colours of the year, look at these photos of Demi Lovato and Dakota Johnson wearing Rose Quartz.



Below is an image showing the top 10 Pantone colours for 2016 which include some beautiful shades that you could use throughout the seasons within your wardrobe.


I am keen to use a mixture of these colours within my Interior Design work this year, so I’ll be sure to post a few of my designs in the upcoming months.

Becca xxx

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