Starting The Year By Getting Organised!!

So to start off 2016 I decided that the best thing I can do is get myself organised in order to be able to tick off as many things as I possibly can off of my bucket list this year. I purchased not one but two copies of Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle Of Glitter’s 2016 Diary (one for me and one for Lucy) so that we can plan regular blogs, videos and photography sessions (and maybe even a couple of mini holidays too!) to keep you guys updated on what we are up to!

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 17.00.30

Not only am I keen to get myself organised in terms of keeping important events and a schedule in a diary, but I am also raring to get other aspects of my life sorted out… for example clearing out my wardrobe and sorting out what I have that I no longer need or use that can be donated to charities.

I have been finding this desk planner really useful lately which I bought from Sainsbury’s (you can get them in most supermarkets and stationery stores) because if you have things that you want to make sure get done each day you can plan ahead and prioritise the tasks that you have to do, which stops you from accidentally forgetting to do important things.


If you want to get yourself the Sprinkle of Glitter diary 2016 then click below which will take you to Amazon as they are currently on offer for £4 and I don’t know how long this offer will last!!

Sprinkle of Glitter diary 2016

Becca xx

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