It’s A Twin/Sisterly Thing..

Becca & Lucy (sisters!)
Becca & Lucy (sisters!)

So I’m guessing it would be a good idea to give you all a bit of background about myself and Becca.  Firstly we met back in 2012 when we both studied A Level Graphic Design (hence our arty creative background).  My favourite memory was sitting there taking stupid warped photos on the college computers, and our random trip to Lidl!

We lost contact for a while, but them BAM..  2015 came along and we’ve been bessies ever since!

We get mistaken as sisters (as we both have red/purple hair!!.. Like, yeah we were born with this colour right?!?!).  But we have these crazy moments when we actually think the same thing.  Sometimes our conversations go like this:

“I want to go to Disneyland”

“SHUT UPPPPP??  I was thinking the same thing today?”

“SHUT UP!! Really?”

“No Lie – and I was going to ask you about it!”

It’s like we have this wavelength thing going on!!  So anyway, we both have a huge love of shopping, make up, bloggers (Especially Zoella!), The Walking Dead, Interior Design & Home-wares amongst many other things.  Becca has been blogging for a while, whereas I want to start.  We thought, why not become a duo? (Female version of Ant and Dec? – not so much!)

We hope you follow  & enjoy our journey. 😉

Lucy xxxx

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