Sonya Delicious Lipstick Collection


In order from left to right: 407 Guava, 434 Almond, 405 Peach, 406 Watermelon, 408 Copper, 400 Pomegranate, 435 Plum, 403 Cherry Red, 404 Bronze, 402 Chocolate

Here is my collection of Sonya Delicious Lipsticks, which range from pink and coral nudes to deep burgundy and plums. These lipsticks are so nourishing, and this is mainly due to the fact that they contain aloe, so they hydrate your lips whilst you are wearing them which means that your lips will not dry out. They act as a lip balm and lipstick in one, the pigmentation is very high and these lipsticks ensure that you will have lasting colour without having to reapply. 


They are my favourite brand of lipstick at the moment, and they are high quality like NARS and MAC, if you would like to browse the entire range then head over to and if you see something you would like to purchase email me at for a special offer! All Sonya make up is cruelty free!


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