Here Are A few gift ideas… ♥

Hi guys! ♥

I thought that I would share with you a few gifts that I have received from people, in the hope that it will give inspiration to those of you that are searching for a gift for somebody!

IMG_0416I received all of these cute gifts for my birthday this year (along with other things such as a selfie stick) and I thought that they were really sweet and would be good presents for people #GiftInspiration

The first gift idea is the Julie Dodsworth grow your own Wild Strawberry gift set. This gift is really sweet and perfect for anyone no matter whether they have a garden or not, as they can literally be placed on a windowsill to grow at home, at uni, in your office – no matter where you want to place it you don’t have to be a gardener to grow something like this! You can get similar gifts like this in places such as garden centres, gift shops etc.



Next up is the Bee Happy gift set that I got given from LUSH. Lush do many different gift sets and there is something for everyone. They have so many different products with various scents and ingredients and they are always gift wrapped which saves you a job!


This set came with the Fairly Trades Honey Shampoo and the Honey Bee Bath Bomb!


The final gift idea that I am going to show you is this cute oil burner set that came with 12 10 ml oils to use with the burner


You can get these sets in most large garden centres or gift shops! You can use them to burn wax melts as well as oils ♥ xxx


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