New Fabletics Outfit! ♥

Hey guys! I recently got an outfit from Fabletics for my birthday, and I love it so much that I decided to register as a Fabletics VIP so that I can have the option of whether or not to buy a new outfit at a good discount on a monthly basis. There is no obligation to buy an outfit you can just skip a month if you don’t want to buy one.


Below is the new outfit that I chose, it cost only £31 in total which is amazing considering how much the outfit cost before the VIP price reduction!


The Salar Capri Yoga Pants usually retail at £52.00 ($59,95)

The Samana Sports Bra usually retails at £22.00 ($24.95)

The Love Hoodie usually retails at £35.00 ($39.95)

So in total that would cost £109 and I only had to pay £31 (with free postage)

I would highly recommend visiting this website if you are an active person because their outfits are lovely!


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