Make Up & Beauty Storage Ideas! ♥

The first storage solution that I want to share with you is perfect if you need somewhere to keep all of your products in one place, and don’t want them to be out on display.

Those of you who regularly watch beauty YouTubers will probably have heard of this set of drawers already. They are the ALEX drawers from IKEA, and you can get them in two sizes, small (3 deep and 2 shallow drawers) for £50/60 depending on the colour you choose or large (4 deep and 5 shallow drawers) for £90.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 18.21.23

These are great for storing things like make up and nail polish in the smaller drawers, and maybe things like bath and beauty products in the larger drawers. You could also use the deeper drawers to store hair styling items like your hairdryer, straighteners or curling wand.

They are affordable, look sleek and stylish and would go with most interiors. The smaller set of drawers like the ones pictured above come in three colours: white, grey or black/brown. The taller set only comes in white.

If you like to display your make up however, then you should definitely consider investing in some of these acrylic make up storage containers. There is a huge variety out on the market if you type in ‘make up container’ into Amazon or Google, and I mostly buy my containers from a brand which is called “Glam Cosmetics” (via Amazon)

These containers can be stacked one on top of another:

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.14.02

They can be stored as shown above, but also are able to be separate as shown below because one sits on top of the other. You can have a look at this set here, but if it isn’t exactly what you want then there are plenty of other options online!


The top section of this set can be also be bought separately if you don’t have a need for the drawers as well!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.14.18

I use this section to store mostly just my lipsticks in, but the drawer section can be used to store all sorts of things like blush, bronzer, highlighters and even some make up palettes will fit in the bottom drawers.


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