LUSH Father Christmas Bath Bomb Review!

Hey guys! I stocked up on all of the Christmas LUSH products during the after-Christmas or “Boxing day” sale, so that I have enough to last me a few months. The Christmas products are some of my favourites because I really love the fragrances like So White & Snow Fairy. Today I am going to review the Father Christmas Bath Bomb which is one of my favourites (I am yet to find something from LUSH that I don’t like! I seem to like everything!) I almost feel guilty reviewing products that you can no longer get (at least not until next year) but I absolutely love the surprises that unfold with this ballistic bath bomb!

Santa 1

This bath bomb from the outer appearance seems to tell you that it is going to turn your bath water a pale pink right?

Santa 5


Santa 2

This bath bomb turns your water a beautiful Christmassy green. This bath bomb smells absolutely amazing and this year was in the ever popular scent of Snow Fairy! Those of you that stock piled the Christmas LUSH products like I did will hopefully have had the chance to try this one out! The scent has changed for this bath bomb since last year (2013) which was a more citrus kind of scent, however the design was the same.

Make sure to have a look on the LUSH website to try out their products because you will fall in love with this brand if you haven’t tried it yet!

I have way too many LUSH products (if there is such a thing as too many…) I love to try out all of their bath and skin care products… and they have just released a shower gel for Valentines Day called “Prince Charming”! This is definitely on my list of things to buy and review!

I cannot wait to try out some of their Valentines Day range!



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