Happy New Year! Skittles Vodka Recipe!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had an amazing night on New Year’s Eve! I wish everyone a great year in 2015 and I hope you all try hard to achieve your new years resolutions.

I made some Skittles Vodka shots for our New Year’s party which went down a treat

Here is the recipe

To make 200ml of each flavour (flavours vary between countries but in the UK they are lime, lemon, orange, strawberry & blackcurrant) you need:

3 family size bags of skittles

1 litre of Vodka

5 clean empty bottles

coffee filter paper

40 shot glasses

a funnel

If you want to make more than 200ml then simply adapt the recipe


Firstly separate the skittles into separate piles for each colour/flavour.

 Then pour the skittles into the 5 bottles, making 100% sure they are separated by colour.

The next step is to add the vodka (depending on how much vodka you have divide the amount by 5).

Over the next 24 hours shake the bottles periodically and keep them in a cool place.

After the bottles of skittles vodka have had 24 hours to soak in the flavour and colour, you need to strain each colour through a coffee filter placed into a funnel to make sure the candy gets filtered out properly.

(It is easier/quicker to filter the vodka into new bottles each time)

Make sure you use a new filter for each colour and you wash the funnel between each colour to stop them from contaminating the other colours.

Once they are filtered pour them into your shot glasses and enjoy!



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