Nails Ink Ready To Wear Collection Review!

Nails Ink Ready To Wear Collection!

So although this isn’t a new range of Nails Ink nail polish, I absolutely love the shades in this collection so I thought I’d review them for you.

123491919099 This collection includes the polishes from left to right:

Bath (feather effect)

Holland Park Road

Eton Avenue

Belsize Grove

Blindford Street

and Wellington Square

My most worn colour is definitely Holland Park Road but that is because I love dark berry and purple nail polish haha!

Below is a picture of someone swatching this shade so that you can see the colour as it is in real life


Bath is a gorgeous feather effect polish that I often layer up over the other colours.

Eton Avenue is a pretty dusky pink shade that I wear all year round.

Blindford Street, Wellington Square and Belsize Grove are colours that I tend to wear over spring & summer because they are bright.

There are some beautiful colours in the Nails Ink ranges, so it is worth having a look at them.

They have recently rebranded themselves with a more high end look and it looks really stylish and chic.

Have a look!

Put one on your Christmas wish list ♥


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