Christmas TAG! ♥

Hey guys! ♥

So it is finally December, the best season of all, so what better way to celebrate the start of all the festive fun than doing a Christmas TAG?! ♥

I have selected 15 questions to answer and will nominate a couple of other bloggers to also complete this Christmas TAG!

1. What is your favourite Christmas food?

My favourite Christmas food has to be Terry’s chocolate orange…they never seem to last very long…


2. Your favourite Christmas movie?

I have three which are Elf, The Polar Express and Frozen

3. What advent calendar do you have?

I have a Thorntons Advent Calendar this year ‘The Snowman And The Snowdog”


4. What is your favourite snow related activity?

Throwing snowballs!

5. Your favourite Christmas candle scent?

I have two, Mandarin & Cranberry and Sugared Apple (Both Yankee Candles)

6. What is your favourite Christmas tree ornament?

These are some of my favourite Disney Christmas tree ornaments!


7. If you could go anywhere for Christmas where would it be?

Disney because it is so pretty around Christmas time


8. Would you put an inflatable Santa outside your house?

No… They are weird and I think my pets would attack it…

9. Do you like ice skating?

Yes… but I really hurt myself ice skating when I was younger so I am a bit wary!

10. Do you own a cool Christmas jumper?

No but if I did it would be this!


11. Favourite Christmas song?

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! by Frank Sinatra & B.Swanson Quartet

12. What is your favourite Christmas animal?


13. What do you look forward to most about Christmas?

Going around Christmas markets and meeting some reindeer if I’m lucky enough!


14. What is your favourite day? Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day?

Christmas Eve! It is so exciting and magical haha

15. What is your favourite winter/Christmas accessory to wear?

I can’t choose I love all winter accessories! Scarves, hats, gloves & warm cosy slippers!

I would like to tag Inspired Elegance & Live Laugh Love to have a go at this Christmas TAG! 


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