Sweet Pea Scented Hand Made Candles!

candle christmas photo

Hey guys! I have been so busy recently, creating custom made scented candles for people to give as Christmas presents.

I thought I would share with you photos of some of the finished, packaged candles before they are sent to the customers who ordered them.

So far I have found that Sweet Pea seems to be the most popular fragrance for scented candles, with almost half of the orders being for Sweet Pea candles!

I really enjoy making Soy candles, and I am going to be putting up a link on my Etsy store soon for people to be able to pick their own fragrance and colour candles.

I am currently selling these scented candles for £6 each and I am selling gift sets of little wax tarts (3 tarts per gift bag) for £3.50, (available on my Etsy store) or individual wax tarts for £1.30.


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If you would like to contact me directly then feel free to email me at myvividdesigns@gmail.com



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