My Most Wanted NARS Products!

This is a blog about my most wanted NARS products. I will probably never get to own even half of these items, but they are so pretty that I thought I would share them with you incase it gives some of you an idea for a Christmas present, either to buy for someone you know, or to ask someone to get for you!



This pretty pink lipstick is from the NARS Semi Matte Lipstick range and is called Catfight. It is neutral enough to wear every day, but would also look lovely to wear out in the evening with a smokey eye look.

The Semi Matte Lipstick range retails atFunny Face £19.50 

Funny Face is the name of this Semi Matte Lipstick, and this colour would look gorgeous throughout the winter whether it is applied during the day or as a statement lipstick on a night out. This would be a great colour to wear out to Christmas parties!

Sherwood 3

I am absolutely in love with the NARS Nail Polish collection. Anyone who knows me personally will know how much I love nail polish, and what a crazy amount I have! The polish shown above is called Sherwood and is a limited edition polish. These nail polishes retail at £15 each

Fearless 3This nail polish is called Fearless and is such a beautiful fushcia pink – this is one of my favourite colours for nail polish!

Purple Rain 3

Purple Rain is the name of this gorgeous deep purple nail polish and again is another of my favourite colours to wear around Christmas!

The next couple of items are my favourite NARS Blush colours.

Because I have a really fair complexion I tend to go for soft or pastel shades of blush so that it doesn’t look over the top, and achieves a more natural look.

The first blush that I really want to purchase is called Sex Fantasy and is a pretty pastel pink shade. The NARS Blush range retails at £22.50 each

Sex Fantasy 3

The second blush that I would like to try out is called Unlawful and is a more of a dusky shade of pink.

Unlawful 3

Lastly, here are two of the NARS Duo Eyeshadow palettes that I love, and they retail for £25 each

Tokyo is the name of this pale pink duo eyeshadow palette, and I love this because it would look beautiful and sheer at this time of year, but is pastel enough to be worn through the spring and summer so it is a year-round palette!

Tokyo 3

This next palette is called Bouthan and includes a much brighter pink than the Tokyo palette which I also love. I would pair the colours in this palette up with the Sex Fantasy blush and the Catfight Semi Matte lipstick for a sheer look on a night out.

Bouthan 3 Comment below if you own any NARS products and which items you have, or tell me your favourite product out of the ones that I have posted up for you to see!


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