Girl Online by Zoella

I am so excited to be able to read Zoe Sugg’s (aka Zoella’s) new book Girl Online! It officially comes out in the UK today and you can currently buy it on Amazon for £5!


For Zoe’s book to finally be released for people to purchase will hopefully lift her spirits a bit because lately, as anyone who follows Zoe’s blog will already know ( she has suffered from a lot of abuse on her YouTube channel.

As she mentions in her blog about why she has stopped daily vlogging, you only get to see 10-20 minutes of her day each time she uploads a vlog, so the internet trolls that are being harsh to her (and other YouTubers) don’t actually know the people that they are being nasty to.

This is a great achievement for Zoe, and like many of her viewers I am really pleased that she has come this far! She now has over 6 million subscribers! She has a beauty range out in Superdrug and now she has her own book!

Below is a link to her vlog where you can see how her book is being printed in the printing press, it is really interesting to see how they do it.

Here is a link to purchase her book, currently selling for £5 via amazon:


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