Sakura Lush Bath Bomb Review!

sakuri i

Hi guys! I’ve uploaded some photos of the Sakura bath bomb from Lush, the middle photo is the Sakura bath bomb on it’s own, the right photo is The Comforter bubble bar being crumbled under the water and the left photo is the ombre looking bath that they created, half being a very pale pink from the bath bomb and half a hot fuchsia pink from the bubble bar.

Remember Christmas is fast approaching and Lush often do a 50% off or two for one/buy one get one free on their stock on Boxing day (26th December for those who don’t celebrate Christmas) so start saving up if you are a Lushaholic! 

I quite like the Sakura bath bomb for its moisturising qualities, however it isn’t one of my favourites as it isn’t that exciting in terms of fizz and colour, which is why I added in the bubble bar to give a bit more colour and a combined fragrance.

Visit to have a look at their products online



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