Sleek Garden Of Eden Eye Shadow Palette Review!

Garden Of Eden Palette

Hi guys! I am reviewing one of my favourite Sleek mineral based eye shadow palette’s today, Garden Of Eden (no.447)

Sleek eye shadow palettes are very affordable, very high quality, and are highly pigmented.

There are a number of different palettes that you can buy, most of which you can purchase for around £7-8 on or

I have swatched the colours below so that you can see what they look like. They are so highly pigmented that I think that they will resemble the same true colours on all skin tones.


I really like the top row of colours, the rose gold and purple shades, because they compliment another Sleek palette I have (I will review this soon) called Au Naturel (no.601) and they are a great combination of colours to use on a daily basis if you want to create a subtle or natural look.

In the photo below I am wearing Eve’s Kiss & Python from this palette

garden of eden

I am really pleased with the products that I have bought from Sleek so far, and I highly recommend that you try out one of their gorgeous eye shadow palettes!

Visit the Sleek website to have a look at all of their amazing products!


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