Lush Exclusive! All That Jas Bath Bomb Review

All That Jas Bath

All That Jas is a really pretty bath bomb, it is a minty pastel green with a little flower embedded in the top. It is a really floral fragrance that has Jasmine Oil, Vanillin and Gardenia Extract in it. It smells beautiful and is very moisturising for a bath bomb! It is an exclusive product so if you want to try it then keep your eyes peeled for it to return to the Lush Kitchen because it only comes around every so often to buy! (You have to buy it online)

This bath bomb didn’t leave any colour on the sides of the bath (like most others…) and it doesn’t contain any glitter so it isn’t a messy one. It isn’t a bubbly bath bomb but if you like having bubble baths it is still worth buying because it smells sooooo good and you could always add a bit of a bubble bar to it (this may change the colour of the water from green to something else though).

This bath bomb cost me £3.75 so it is one of the more expensive bath bombs, but that is probably because it is one of the big ones and it is an exclusive Lush Kitchen product! (It is the same size as the Blackberry and Honey Bee bath bombs) ♥

Let me know if you ever manage to get your hands on one of these from the Lush Kitchen and whether or not you like it!


All That Jas Bath Bomb

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