Cranberry Joy Gift Set From The Body Shop

Cranberry Gift Set

When I was last in The Body Shop I saw their new range of Christmas gift sets… and after spending about half an hour finding and choosing the specific items that I had gone in there for… this ended up going in my basket too!

I actually didn’t have anyone specific in mind when I bought this, I just though that it was too sweet not to buy, and now it has ended up being a gift for one of my mum’s best friends!

The Cranberry Joy gift set includes:

Cranberry Joy Shower Gel 250ml

Cranberry Joy Body Butter 50ml

Cranberry Joy Body Polish 75ml

Cranberry Joy Mini Heart Soap 25g

I personally love the scent of cranberries, so I know I would be happy with receiving this for Christmas! Also, like Lush, The Body Shop are also against animal testing, so that makes their products even more appealing in my eyes!

Don’t forget to have a look around your local Body Shop because there are quite a number of different Christmas sets available for really affordable prices! I don’t know what the prices are in most stores, because I got this in an Outlet Village near me, but I should have payed about £12 for this set, and I ended up getting 40% off and then a further 10% off of that using my Love Your Body loyalty card, so my entire Body Shop Haul ended up being really inexpensive! ♥

You can call me crazy for Christmas shopping in October, but you can get people so much more for the same price if you start shopping early! You just have to be organised haha! ♥


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