Bath & Body Works Autumn Candle Haul

Warm Caramel Cider

Bath & Body Works (unfortunately only available directly in the US at the moment) has some of the nicest smelling candles on the planet. I ordered two from recently and they arrived in the post last week. The scents that I ordered were Warm Caramel Cider which smells absolutely incredible and Pumpkin Cupcake which lovely as it is, is extremely sickly so you wouldn’t need to have it lit for very long.

The Bath & Body Works candles are 3 wick candles that are very highly fragranced. The average burn time is 25-45 mainly depending on whether you light all 3 wicks at once or not. They cost around $22.50 in the US so obviously as they have been shipped over here, they are more expensive to order on the bath and body shop website. Each candle is around £24 on this website, so it is worth buying them when on holiday to the US (if you are lucky enough to go) than via this website.


Pumpkin Cupcake

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