Yankee Candle Oil Burner & Wax Melt Set

Yankee Candle Oil Burner & Wax Melts

I bought this new Oil Burner by Yankee Candle from a Hallmark Outlet near me for £6.48 because I have always wanted an oil burner and I thought that it was a good deal for a branded Yankee Candle one (plus it is really pretty) I love the marble effect on it, and the fact that it has a sparkle when it is under a light. 

To go with this burner I purchased a set of 9 wax tarts in the ‘Fruit-a-licious’ range for £7.39 and they all smell amazing.

The set includes the fragrances: Sweet Apple, Orange Splash, Black Plum Blossom, Sicilian Lemon, Pink Dragonfruit, Black Cherry, Summer Scoop, Vanilla Lime, and Mandarin Cranberry (this one smells gorgeous!)

I’ve only used one so far which is the Mandarin Cranberry one, but I have previously had Summer Scoop in a votive which is a really nice scent and I have a large jar of the Black Plum Blossom which is really really lovely and I would recommend that you try that one out!

I’m not sure if the oil burner is still being sold at Yankee Candle or if it is discontinued but you can purchase similar ones online if you would like to, and the same goes for the wax melt set. ♥



3 thoughts on “Yankee Candle Oil Burner & Wax Melt Set

  1. Looks really great! I bet it’s even better when it’s light up with a tea light. 🙂
    I just had a look online on Amazon here. It’s 15€ for me just for the wax -.-‘ … sadly couldn’t find the oil burner. But I think I’m gonna have a look at TK Maxx . It’s the only place in Germany I know which sells Yankee Candle stuff.

    Love you xxx

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    1. Thank you, I love it! It is so pretty! 🙂 Yeah TK Maxx is a great place to find that kinda stuff, next time you are here I’ll take you into Street to Hallmark so you can see what discounted things they have 😀

      It is so good for discounts in there!

      Love you too xxx


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