Sweater Weather: TAG ♥

This is the first TAG that I have done on my blog so far, probably because I’ve never been tagged by anyone to do one yet so here goes!

1. Favourite candle scent? Okay this is probably the hardest question for me to answer! There are way too many candles that I am in love with at the moment! Hmm.. I’ll have to go with a new candle I bought from Bath and Body Works called Warm Caramel Cider which I will be reviewing soon, because it smells SO good. I actually want to eat it when it is lit because it smells edible. Mmmmm! 

Warm Caramel Cider

2. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate? I think the answer to this one depends on my mood. I can’t stand coffee so it is a toss up between Hot Chocolate which I love to drink when it is cold in the evenings, or Tea that I drink a million cups of a day. I think I’ll say Hot Chocolate because there is nothing better than a mug of Hot Chocolate with marshmallows and cream ♥

3. Do you switch up your makeup routine for the season? I tend to keep my makeup fairly neutral most of the time through the Autumn and Winter, but if I go out then I often put on sparkly eye shadow or wear a bit more eyeliner than I would throughout the Summer months.

4. Favourite Christmas food? My favourite Christmas meal is probably having a roast and then crumble & custard for desert, and my favourite Christmas snacks are After Eights (chocolate mints) and Terry’s Chocolate Orange mmmmm those are so good!

5. Hats or scarves? I am not really a hat person so I’d have to go with scarves, but I only have a few that I wear, I should layer them with my outfits more often! I have one that I absolutely love but I’ve only worn it twice!

Autumn Scarf

6. Most worn sweater? My most worn sweater is a deep burgundy red kind of colour, and it is a knit jumper from New Look, with a black heart on it. It is one of the most cosy ones that I own and it goes with practically any outfit so it is one of my staple items in my Autumn/Winter wardrobe!

7. Must have Autumn nail polish? If I have to pick just one colour then my must have Autumn nail polish has to be Cute Little Vixen which is in the Mariah Carey Fall/Winter 2013 OPI collection and it is absolutely beautiful! I will review this polish soon so that you can see what it looks like on, and I’ll show you a few others from this collection as well. I am hoping to get a few of the Gwen Stefani Fall/Winter 2014 OPI collection so I’ll review those soon too!

Cute Little Vixen

8. Jumping in a pile of leaves or going on Autumnal walks? Both! I am such a big kid, if there is a big pile of leaves I will definitely jump into it, but I also love going on walks in the Autumn, it isn’t too cold, the scenery is beautiful and it is a great way to clear your mind!

9. Skinny jeans or leggings? Leggings! Nothing is more comfy than leggings other than pyjamas and I am the kind of person that loves to wear soft and comfy clothes! Jeggings are one of my favourite items of clothing! Love them! ♥

10. Boots or Uggs? Definitely boots, I am obsessed with boots and I wear them non stop from September through until about April/May! Love love love wearing boots, so comfy warm and cosy!

11. What is your #1 favorite thing about Autumn? I can’t pick just one… the beautiful colours of nature, the leaves on the ground, conkers and pine cones, the warm cosy festive food and drink, warm clothes, Autumnal candles…pumpkins…the list will just go on and on… 


12. Do you have a song that gets you in an Autumnal mood or just a song you’re loving at the moment? I don’t really have a song that makes me think of Autumn (except maybe this is halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas hahaha) but I do have a song that I’m loving at the moment which is Shake It Off by Taylor Swift …♥

13. What is the weather like where you currently live during Autumn? The weather is quite mild where I live (Somerset, UK) at the moment, but I think it will get a lot colder pretty soon! The leaves have all fallen off the trees and it is almost Halloween and Bonfire Night so everyone will have to wrap up warm soon!

If you have any other tags you would like me to do or any DIY tutorials feel free to comment and leave me suggestions!

I would like to tag my best friend Franzi who lives in Germany to do this tag so please visit her blog to see her answers to these questions! ♥


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