DIY Candle Making…

I have decided that I want to make my own fragranced candles, potentially to sell, so I am going to purchase various candle making equipment and ingredients over the next couple of months and test out a few different types of candles! (jar, votive & wax melts)

I’ll upload photos of what I buy to this post when it arrives so that you can see what I have bought.

I will be buying a lot of the items from and also, and

Once I have ordered and received everything I need to get going with this project I intend to film a series of YouTube videos as well so that any of you that also want to have a go at doing this can see how I do it.

I think that home made fragranced candles would make really sweet gifts to give people for Christmas and other occasions.

♥ My new YouTube channel is VividDesigns please subscribe, I will be uploading my first video soon! ♥

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