Yankee Candle Sugar Plum Village Review

The Yankee Candle accessory range “Sugar Plum Village” is a very pretty, sparkly, candy themed set that includes an oil burner (electric and non electric) a sample votive holder and a jar holder.

I recently purchased the sample votive and the jar holders online and I am really happy with the way that they look, how they are made, and most importantly how festive they are. Both of them are covered in a pretty layer of glitter, and are painted in pastel shades that makes you think of candy canes and other christmas sweets. I really wanted something sweet and girly to make my room feel more Christmassy this year and these candle holders are the perfect addition.

I couldn’t resist and have already bought myself a new Christmas sample votive called “Candy Cane Lane” …which as the name suggests, smells like peppermint candy canes. And just incase you were wondering, my all time favourite Christmas candle by Yankee Candle is pictured in the photo above “Sugared Apple” which to me smells quite a bit like apple crumble! ♥

The accessories shown in the photo can both be purchased at http://www.yankee.co.uk and so can all of the new Christmas scented candles.


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