Joining The World Of Blogging

One of the things that made me decide to finally start blogging is the fact that it is now Autumn, my favourite season of the year. When people start changing what they wear from pastels and brights to deep and darker colours, when the leaves start falling off of the trees and it becomes the time of year to start wearing your favourite jumpers and drinking hot chocolate.

So many things about Autumn make me happy, it is the final chapter of the year before Christmas arrives and it is filled with happiness and joy. I find the Autumn months so inspiring.

I will be sharing with you different aspects of my life and I will be blogging about and reviewing different products, an example being make up and beauty products, and I will also be sharing my design and “do it yourself” creative ideas with you.

One of my main goals to coincide with this new adventure of  blogging is to start a series of videos on YouTube so that I can try and reach as many people as possible.

Hopefully I will get to the stage where I can do giveaways of products, and start receiving feedback from you about what you would like to see me blog or make videos about.


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